Medical Resources

The internet is filled with information, but how do we know what is true and what is false. Not only that but what is relevant now might be irrelevant later because medical research is an ongoing process with new information coming out every day.

According to NBC News, an astounding 80 percent of online users in the United States have searched online for a health-related topic. With the massive amount of material available to us, it's incredibly important to find a trusted source to get the information that you need.

Here at Conifer Medical Center, we have collected some resources that we feel are relevant to our patients and important to us. This resource center is consistently being expanded on as we come across news, research and studies that we believe would be helpful to our community.

Navigate our available resources by clicking a topic on the menu that you wish to explore. All resources within that topic will be displayed. Conifer Medical Center supports you in learning as much as you can on the topics that interest you. We want to be a trusted source for all of your medical needs; from health resources to a caring community of doctors and staff that provide a varied amount of services and specialties.